About Us

When we started customMK, we saw many people requesting custom keyboard layouts, often with a simple response of "it doesn't exist." As experienced circuit designers, we saw an opportunity to make it easy to get from a layout concept to a fully-functional mechanical keyboard: no engineering background required, no need to learn Kicad, and no need to figure out overseas PCB manufacturing and assembly. We soon expanded capabilities into other areas, like custom color silkscreen and soldermask, aluminum switch plates and cases, and providing support for group buys.

Maybe you're looking for a full-size hotswap MX PCB with per-key RGB and an aluminum switch plate. Maybe you want to swap out your PCB in an existing Alps keyboard for one running QMK with a custom Pantone-matched soldermask color. Maybe you want to create a brand new low-profile keyboard using Choc switches. Or maybe you want to lead a group buy for Dactyl rigid-flex boards. Whatever you're looking for, let us know and we will do our best to make it possible.

customMK is based in DFW, Texas, USA.