ErgoStrafer (Pre-order)
ErgoStrafer (Pre-order)
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ErgoStrafer (Pre-order)

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Struggling to find a replacement for your Merc Zboard, or just can't get the drivers to work anymore? The ErgoStrafer is a modern answer to your gaming keyboard needs. The familiar layout and sculpted keycaps conform precisely to your well-trained muscle memory, but the high performance electronics and mechanical switches provide a much needed upgrade in performance and longevity.

Faithful reproduction of the Merc Zboard gaming pad layout (placement, key shape, and key heights) as well as the same 5, 8 , and 11 degree tilt options ensures that ErgoStrafer will seamlessly replace the well-used and membrane keyboard you've relied on for years.

  • Upgraded to use MX-style mechanical switches (brown tactiles, red linears, or your choice of any switch)
  • High performance STM32F411 microcontroller for ultra-fast matrix scanning
  • NKRO (N-key rollover): no limit on how many key can be pressed at a time
  • Optional inclusion of new Z and X keys
  • Up to three rotary encoders & knobs (with both press and rotate capability) can be installed place of the original Load/PrtScr/Save keys
  • Open source QMK firmware with VIA compatibility gives you full control and easy dynamic key remapping. No more issues with driver incompatibilities and proprietary software.
  • USB-C connector
  • 3D printed keycaps and 3D printed case provides opportunities for customization of color, material, and surface finish (additional charges may apply, contact us for a quote)
  • Integrated buzzer

Mechanical switches are soldered into the PCB in a plateless mount style. There is no hot swap PCB available because switches are so close together that there is no room for a switch plate.

ErgoStrafer is currently in active development. Initial prototypes will be completed in June 2023. Due to the wide variety of 3D printing options, each ErgoStrafer is made-to-order and assembled by hand. Order fulfillment may take four to six weeks.

By default, if one encoder is selected for purchase, we will install it in the Load key location (the top-rightmost switch). If two encoders are selected, we will install the second encoder in the PrtScr key location (below the Load key). There is no cost to change from the default arrangement; just contact us after order placement to let us know where you want the encoder(s) installed.

Contact us for a custom quote ( if you would like:

  • different switches installed (i.e. you ship us switches, or have us order particular switches)
  • the keycaps and/or the case to be 3D printed with different materials or surface finishes

Most 3D printable material options can be found here or here.

Additional PCBs and keycaps available here.