Group Buys vs. Pre-orders

When you participate in a group buy with us, we begin accepting your orders before we begin building the hardware for the group buy. After the group buy ends, we begin building hardware based on the group buy orders we received. This ensures that we can't "run out" of any particular product color or style during the group buy.

As keyboard enthusiasts ourselves that have missed past group buy opportunities, we fully understand the frustration of missing a group buy. After the group buy ends and we start building your orders, we take a look at the percentages of what all was ordered, and then we scale those a numbers up a bit. That is, we invest as well, buying quantities above and beyond what everyone ordered in the group buy. We then make the additional quantity available for purchase after the group buy ends. These are available as pre-orders. So even if you miss the group buy, pre-orders can give you the opportunity to join in and receive your order at the same time as the rest of the group buy participants.

However, unlike buying during the group buy phase, pre-orders are very limited in quantity. Specifically, they are limited to however many additional kits we purchased, and in whatever colors/styles we purchased them in.

So if you missed out on the group buy--great news--you still have a chance to join in, but please be aware that your options may become more limited as time passes.