EVO70 R2 Production Status Update - September 2023

EVO70 R2 order fulfillment delivery is officially delayed until late October/early November 2023.

With the firmware finally being completed as of last week, we inquired with the factory how long programming and final packaging will take, because that will determine when they will be able to ship EVO70 R2 to us. Their response was:

"At present, the delivery time can not be accurately evaluated, It is expected to take until the middle and late of October”

China is celebrating a holiday for a week in early October which adds to this delay, however, please understand that the vast majority of the delay is attributable directly to me (David)—firstly for underestimating the scope of the ErgoStrafer commission earlier this year, and secondly for underestimating just how much time would be needed to learn LVGL for drawing to the displays of EVO70 R2. The EVO70 R2 firmware development ended up being a surprisingly huge undertaking to produce a good, polished, reliable result. So while I am pleased with the technical outcomes (in both cases), our focus on quality directly resulted in this unfortunate delay in the production schedule.

Much like how the factory is (even now) unable to provide precise delivery dates, it was difficult to accurately estimate completion of the firmware during active development, so the best we could do—and will continue to do—is provide insights regarding progress and milestones as they happen. The most frequent updates can always be found on our Discord server.

Due to the time needed to handle the additional layer of invoicing/payments with vendors, the factory will start with preparing vendor orders, so there is a chance the vendor orders will be fulfilled earliest. I will also inquire about whether it is reasonable to ship orders directly to customMK in smaller batches, as that may also help accelerate the order fulfillment process.

As always, if there are any questions at all, please reach out to us at sales@custommk.com or on Discord. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and we thank you for your patience and continued support of EVO70 R2—none of this would be possible without you. We are excited to be entering the final leg of the EVO70 R2 production journey, and we are looking forward to fulfilling your orders soon!