EVO70 Production Status Update for May 2022

For EVO7 group buy and preorders, we originally stated a scheduled delivery date of April 2022.

While we have already shipped about half of the orders for EVO70, there are still many who have not yet received their kits. If you haven't been following the more frequent updates I provide on our Discord server, then you may be out of the loop and wondering when your kit will arrive. (the short answer is June) This post explains the reason for the delay, but feel free to contact us directly at sales@custommk.com if you have any further questions about your specific order.

Earlier this year, our assembly shop in China was scheduled to receive a shipment of aluminum pieces for EVO70. Unfortunately, that did not go exactly as planned: only some of the aluminum pieces were delivered (the rest still haven't arrived to this day) and of those pieces that were delivered, ALL of the e-white switch plates were badly warped. This level of warping was simply not acceptable to us:

In response to this alarming news, we contacted about a dozen other aluminum suppliers to request quotes to remake the missing and warped pieces. After a few weeks, we selected one aluminum supplier to remake the parts. The new supplier not only had prior keyboard manufacturing experience, but also could commit to delivering the parts in about one month, minimizing the overall schedule slip. customMK covered the cost of remaking the parts from even though the cost was quite a bit higher, because from a business standpoint, it was worthwhile to ensure high quality and a quick turnaround time.

Ultimately, the new supplier successfully made the parts in a timely manner. However, overall, the process resulted in a schedule slip of approximately two months for EVO70 deliveries. As of last night, we now have a tracking number from our assembly ship for most of the remaining kits, which are headed towards us now. Express shipping to us is expected to take about a week, and then we will fulfill the remaining EVO70 kits orders as quickly as we can over the next few weeks.

There also is one other issue that was encountered during assembly; namely, some of the acrylic mid pieces needed to be remade, which was discovered in the last week or two. The acrylic pieces are being re-made, and so these kits are about a week behind the others. They should be shipped to us starting next week, at which point all remaining EVO70s will either be in our possession or on their way to us.

The overall summary (as provided by our assembly shop) of what has already shipped from China and what will ship is shown below:

So to summarize:

  • The original EVO70 aluminum manufacturer had major problems
  • The new aluminum manufacturer made things right
  • Fixing the problem added two months to the delivery schedule for affected kits
  • The remaining EVO70 kits should be fulfilled in June 2022

When your order is fulfilled you will be sent a tracking number via email. We fulfill order in order number, provided that we can actually fulfill your order with what we have here (i.e. we can't fulfill what we don't have yet).

For those who have not received their kits, we thank you for your patience, and you will have your kit soon! If you would like to see how some of other kits we've already shipped have been turning out, feel free to join our Discord server where many people have been uploading photos of their EVO70 build.