Genesis VIA Support Workaround

Your Genesis Macro Pad is pre-programmed with VIA-compatible firmware. However, we are currently waiting on our pull request for VIA to be approved, which allows VIA to automatically recognize Genesis when it is plugged in. While waiting for VIA maintainers to merge it in officially (which appears to take several months), you can still use VIA to remap your Genesis, but there are a few simple steps you need to tell VIA how to recognize a Genesis:

  1. Download the "Genesis_Layout_Rev2_VIA.json" file directly from here (File -> Save as...).
  2. In VIA, go to "File -> Import Keymap" and load the json file.
  3. If you haven't already, plug in the Genesis and it should now be working with VIA!

Note: To enable the numpad layout, go to the "Configure" tab and select "Layouts" (on the left side) to enable the options that match your build.

If you are unsure what VIA is, please see their website here. It's a great piece of software that lets you configure your keymaps on the fly without needing to flash any hex files. 

Note that you will need to import the keymap file each time you want to use VIA to remap Genesis, at least until VIA merges the pull request and begins to recognize Genesis automatically.