Giveaway Conclusion and Future Projects

Thank you to all who participated in our first giveaway and interest check. We got a lot of interesting data from the interest check and comments in the giveaway post!
Below are some of the current and future planned projects that we've been working on in parallel with getting the Genesis Macro Pad released.

Current/Future Projects:

PCB Layered Keyboard

We heard you guys loud and clear. Many of you commented 65% and 75% in the giveaway post and interest check form as your favorite layout, and there was decent amount of interest for a sub-$100 PCB layered keyboard design like the Genesis Macro Pad. It has been on our minds for a while now to design a bigger keyboard than the macro pad and our goal will be to make keyboard with a similar design language as the macro pad (RGB underglow, hotswap, rotary encoder, PCB sandwich design, etc). We will be reviewing the giveaway post comments and interest check form to decide what layout we will go with initially. Based on a cursory review of the data, it looks like we are most likely going with a 65% or 75%. Don't fret if your favorite layout of the two isn't chosen first; we plan on making more layouts as long as the interest from the community is there!


customMK USB hub

Above is a Kicad 3D render of the prototype USB 2.0 High Speed 4-port hub daughterboard. Much like the Drop CRTL, either of the two USB-C ports can be used to connect to your computer, while the second USB-C port allows the connection of other a Genesis Macro Pad, for example. Of the three JST connectors, one is used to connect to the main keyboard PCB, and the other two can support USB-A connector daughterboards (optional) so you can plug USB sticks and other devices into your keyboard.

We have sent out the hub design for fabrication and anticipate having prototypes within a few months.

Scaling up our custom design service

One of our goals is to be the go-to supplier for custom PCB designs for mechanical keyboards, much like how GMK is the go-to source for custom/artisan keycaps. If you have a keyboard concept, it takes a synthesis of electrical, mechanical, and software skills to bring it to fruition. We want to take the pain of electrical design and make it easy. Right now, our cost to create a custom PCB design is feasible for group buys with minimum quantities of 100, but we are working on ways to further drive down our costs and enable smaller group buys, which we believe will allow even more interesting keyboard designs to exist. Some of the ways we are working to reduce costs and foster innovation include creative supply chain management, automation software, and providing a platform to better facilitate group buys.