Status Update on Genesis Pre-Orders

Hello, everyone!

We received the batch of Genesis about a week and a half ago. Upon inspection of the units, it was discovered that they included the incorrect rubber feet. Getting the correct rubber feet from our manufacturer will cause shipment delays, and we don't have a good ETA yet unfortunately. Usually, it takes about 1 week to get a package from our manufacturer, but we have not been informed of a ship date yet. Rest assured that they are aware of the issue and are getting a shipment of correct rubber feet from their supplier. If you would like your order shipped now but with the incorrect rubber feet, please see below as there is a solution:

Impact of Incorrect Rubber Feet:

The rubber foot on the left side of the image is the incorrect one. As you can see, the foot is designed to be mounted to a thicker plate. However, we do have a solution as we have rubber washers that fill the large gap. 


As shown above, we have washers on hand that fill the extra gap nicely. The image above shows the washers installed on the bottom of the base plate and the top of the base plate.

  • We recommend that the washers are installed on the bottom of the base plate (left side of above image). This will slightly increase the typing angle compared to the correct feet but is the easiest way to remedy the large gap produced by the incorrect rubber feet. 
  • If you wanted the original typing angle, installing the washers on the top of the base plate is an option. However, it would involve cutting the washer such that it doesn't hit the inside wall of the acrylic piece. We do not recommend this method as an accidental cut too close to the center of the washer could cause it to weaken and rip.

You can below see the slight difference in angle that results when assembled. Left side is the original feet and right side is the incorrect/alternate feet w/ washer.

Typing angle comparison for Genesis rubber feet options


Please email us if you have read through the above post and want us to ship your order now with the *alternate* feet and washers! We are ready to ship these units ASAP.

We will keep those that want the original feet updated as to when those will arrive.